Leave Footprints and Take Back Memories With a Dubai Desert Safari

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Since the past two decades, Dubai has gained sufficient prominence in the tourism world. The transformation of Dubai is incredible and worth exploring. The Dubai Desert Safari gives a sneak peek of the Bedouin culture and plenty of fun and adventurous indulgences for a fulfilling journey experience. No matter how many times you have been to Dubai, the Desert Safari will never go out of the list of top things to do in Dubai.

Booking a Dubai Desert Safari tour
As the Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most demanded activities in the Dubai tourism world, there is a high possibility that getting the wrong partner can ruin your entire journey. The very thought of exploring the gorgeous golden dunes makes everyone fall for the lucrative deals offered by several local tour & travels companies. Research well on which is the best-suited safari experience for you and your family, indulgences applicable as part of the package, the reputation of the tour agency, and customer feedback and ratings shared. The right partner would give you complete transparency in the entire process and make your visit to the dunes a memorable one.

We recommend booking an overnight Desert Safari in Dubai  for the best experience. However, we leave it to the individual’s choice and itinerary schedule. Although every safari has its own unique set of experiences, the overnight Dubai Desert Safari is on a league of its own. The incredible experience of spending a night under the moonlit stars is special and has to be experienced live to witness the magic.

Adventurous & Thrilling indulgences
Travelers often crave new and exciting experiences, and the Dubai Desert Safari won’t disappoint you from any angle. Your cravings for new adventures and thrill start with the Desert Safari journey. The Desert Safari in Dubai features so many exciting indulgences that will surely sate your enthusiasm quotient. Get a pick-up from your hotel or accommodation site, or choose to come over to the Desert Safari site itself on your own. A tour guide would mentor and guide you through the entire journey. They will also brief you about the various tips and dos and don’ts in your journey.

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Following are some of the exciting and thrilling indulgences in the Desert Safari in Dubai

Dune Bashing –
An extreme desert adventure where a driver showcases their skills in rushing through the dunes in an all-terrain vehicle or SUV at various speeds, leaving a beautiful sand trail behind. This extreme adventure lasts for about 30 minutes right into the heart of the great Arabian Desert.

Quad Biking and Sand Boarding –
Post an hour of wandering into the core of the Arabic desert; you get to ride through the silky and soft sandbanks layered at various elevations. Riding the quad bike or sandboarding through these stunning desert landscapes is an unforgettable experience. Depending on the package procured, the ride will last up to 30 minutes.

Camel Ride –
Camels are very familiar with the vast golden dunes as their natural habitat. Traversing on a camel and exploring various facets of the desert is a true Bedouin experience. The Desert inhabitation in the past had a huge dependency on these endearing animals. Be ready to be a part of this exceptional desert journey.

Falconry and Wildlife Safari
As you move deep into the Dubai desert, you will encounter the Dubai Desert Wildlife Conservation Reserve. You know a lot about the wildlife and their survival skills in the harsh desert environment. Get deeper insights about falconry art and click pictures with iconic animals like the falcons, eagle owls, and hawks.

Desert Campsite
The Campsite is the penultimate milestone stopover before the desert safari ends. You get to explore and shop for souvenirs, traditional clothing, and gifts at the camp. You can apply henna on your hands or legs or click some moments in a traditional Arabic dress.

Post the exploration phase; you can relax and cool off your heels. You are welcomed by a group of traditional folk dancers and gorgeous belly dancers. Enjoy these dance performances with light appetizers and some sheesha, or hit the main course at the International BBQ buffet serving both veg and non-veg options. If you choose to stay overnight, you get to witness some light; entertaining fire shows as well through the night. Spend a night under the moonlit sky and wake up at the first sunrays hit your eyes. Finally, leave the site post a scrumptious breakfast.

Important Points to note
Wear light clothing and shoes that will withstand the sand granule environment. However, do carry some warm clothes if you are staying overnight.
Stay hydrated all through your journey. The extreme hot sun can take a heavy toll on your body.

Avoid the Dubai Desert Safari if you are pregnant or with small kids.
Keep your stomach light a couple of hours before the Desert Safari starts. Else, it can cause nausea and vomiting due to extreme desert sports.
The Desert Safari in Dubai features every traveler’s bucket list and is one of the most sought-after experiences for tourists and locals alike in the UAE. So go ahead and book your tour now to catch hands-on experience on these spectacular activities.

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