For People with Weak Immunity Towards Cold, Here Is a Kadha For Cold And Cough

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Kadha is an Ayurvedic medicine in use for as long as man can remember. Consume this home remedy this winter, and you will become stronger inside out with an added layer of immunity.

You are sure to have heard about Kadha for cold. This is the first thing your grandma may have prepared for you in your childhood when you fall ill with fever or cold. That same grandma’s kadha is relevant even today, especially during the winter. Perhaps one of the most powerful immunity booster you can prepare at home.
Kadha for cold recipe

Preparing Kadha is a breeze. You need the following for the purpose:
• Black pepper powder
• Finely chopped ginger
• Tulsi leaves

Combine all these and dry-roast them for half a minute. Done this, boil them in water for 7-8 minutes. The process infuses the spices in the water. Afterwards, strain the water from the decoction. Add honey to this water and have it at regular intervals during the day.

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Why have it?
Having Kadha for immunity and cold offers you the following benefits:

It protects you from infections
Kadha or herbal tea is rich in anti-oxidants. They help your body fight off infections. It also contains numerous vitamins. They protect your body from cancer and other fatal conditions.

It detoxifies your body
This comes as the automatic effect of the anti-oxidants kadha for cough and cold contains. Black pepper and ginger are enough to detoxify your body all through the day.

It improves digestion
Are you someone suffering from frequent indigestion? If yes, kadha is the decoction you should have. It eliminates almost all issues related to digestion like flatulence, bloating, gastric irritability, loss of appetite and many more.

Kadha de-stresses you
The ability to manage stress is key to success in life most of the time. When you let stress control you, you put yourself at high risk of ailments, both for the mind and the body. Have a glass of kadha for cough and cold. You will protect yourself from the signs of stress and from the issues like flu.

Kadha stops inflammation
Inflammation is the root cause of numerous ailments like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, diabetes etc. Having kadha consistently reduces pain, inflammation and other symptoms that may be related to these conditions.

It is great for your skin
Kadha for immunity works wonders for your skin. It helps in your attempts to hide pigmentations. The drink also purifies your blood.
Consuming this decoction also regulates your blood sugar levels, maintains optimal blood pressure and offers relief from all heat-induced health conditions. Protection from liver disorders and relief from urinary tract infection are the other two amazing benefits the drink offers.

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Points to remember

Keep the following points in mind to get the most from kadha, your immunity booster:
1. Avoid over-boiling
See to it that you are not over-boiling kadha. Doing so does not improve its efficacy to fight cold, flu, or other health conditions. Furthermore, the decoction will turn bitter and will cause acidity.

2. Avoid over-drinking
Don’t drink too much herbal tea. Doing so will heat up your body. Over time, your skin will get dry, and you will start suffering from related issues. Too much kadha, as per expert analysis, causes internal bleeding. It might have an adverse effect on the lungs.

3. Add a cooling spice
Herbal drinks like kadha are hot. And too much of it will have the opposite effect of what you mean to achieve. The best option is to add some rose petals or something similar to your drink.

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4. Drink lots of water
Kadha heats up your body. So it is a must that you drink as much water as possible.

5. Take breaks in between
Kadha is not recommended for prolonged use. Have it daily for a few weeks and have a break. Restart it after a few days.
Anything in excess is bad. If consumed as per expert recommendations, kadha for cold boosts your immunity, fights off internal infections, improves digestion, treats flu, offers relief from cough and clears your lungs. Have the right amount of kadha, and stay hot, fresh and safe this winter!

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