Some Amazing Benefits of Moon Magic Jewelry

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People admire wearing Moonmagic Jewelry; it is one of the fascinating gemstones which gem lovers appreciate. It is a good-looking assortment of Orthoclase minerals. However, this exquisite mineral belongs to the feldspar family and is available in different hues. It is known and worn mainly for the incredible healing benefits it has. Today, in this blog, let us know more about this gemstone.

Qualities of the Moon Magic
The wearer can sense the exclusive play of color, which is called adularescence while wearing this gemstone. It comes in a range of blue, white, multicolor, yellow, green, and pink. At the same time, the blue Moonstones crystals are the most preferred gemstones, which come from Bihar, India.

Where is it found?
Along with blue, India also produces multicolor or rainbow shade gemstones. The other shades of Moonstone crystals are available all around the world, like Australia, the USA, Germany, Tanzania, Brazil, and many more

Healing Powers of Moonstone
Moonstone crystals have the power of the Moon, as they are considered the moonbeams that had fallen when the meteoroid activity happened. They are prized for the healing energies they possess inside the wearer. Wearing them will bring good fortune and good karma in life. They are actually the dream stones that have incredible strength to make sure the wearer achieves their dreams. It has a flawless sheen that impresses everyone.

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Used for Engagement Purposes
This real Moonstone has natural and passionate properties, making the person fall in love. The Moon magic ring could be the best option for engagement purposes, as the beauty of this gemstone is exceptional. Moreover, it will always enhances the couple’s love and understanding. This crystal can also help settle the problems in marital life relationships and allow the wearer to have a peaceful sleep.

Do’s and Don’t for Moonstone.
This semi-precious gemstone ranges from 6 to 6.5 on the toughness scale, and it is essential to take care of this stone. If you want the Jewelry to last long, its maintenance is quite important. Here are some points you should learn to keep safe and protected.

 One should never bump it against any harsh surface or edge. Always protect it from getting scratches and damages. Use a soft cloth to clean it.
 Make sure to take off the gemstone while doing any work like cleaning or lifting any heavy items or washing dishes as even a small crack or scratch can damage the beauty and the healing powers of the gemstone.
 While not wearing the Moonstone Jewelry, the wearer should keep it safe in a thick-clothed box or bag. Keep it separate from your other jewels to not bang with other metals and get scratched.
 Wash the Moonstone ring, earrings and pendants with normal running tap water and clean them with a soft cloth. Also, don’t expose the Jewelry much in the sunlight. Otherwise, the color of the stone can be faded.
 It is very easy to regain the beauty and the healing energies of the Moonstone crystals. All you need to do is keep the gemstone in the bowl under the moonlight on full moon day. And the gem will shine again like it’s the newly purchased Jewelry.

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Buy the Gemstone from an Authentic Place.
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